6th Annual Grillin’ n Brewin’

6th Annual Grillin’ n Brewin’

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6th Annual Grillin' & Brewin'

Benefiting the JJ's Legacy Got the Dot High School Leadership Program and Club

November 11th, 2021

The Iron Lily Venue

  • Saving Lives
  • Helping Families
  • Strengthening Communities

Sponsored by:

Mission Bank
Tri Counties Bank
Highgate Seven Oaks


Nancy & Bill Albrecht
Jeff & Carla Smith
Sierra Construction & Excavation
Kathryn and Steve Hair


When first time drivers go to the DMV to apply for their driver’s licence, it is mandatory to complete an answer on the form, which asks them if they would like to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. They have a choice of marking “YES” to be a donor or, “NO” not at this time. Either way, because it is a required field on the DMV driver’s license application form. JJ’s Legacy team developed the “Got the Dot Club” to educate the students.

This year, 2020 has a new look with distance learning and ZOOM classrooms. We will continue to educate the students about the need and importance of becoming an organ, eye, and tissue registered donor. With the goals of investing in our community and nurturing the next generation of educated and inspired students, this project is the perfect way to bring our community together and create a positive lasting change!

JJ’s Legacy continues to focus on our Mission, increasing the number of registered donors. The Got the Dot Club is a perfect way to educate the students and the community. This academic year long, virtual club will educate students on the facts regarding organ, eye and tissue donation and provide several independent projects to expand on their training and knowledge. The funds raised through the Grillin and Brewin event will continue to support the “Got The Dot Club” and JJ’s Legacy will award scholarships to first and second place teams who have completed their projects.

Over the past 10 years, the community has played a major role in the success of JJ’s Legacy. The partnership that we have will continue to help families and strengthen our Kern County community. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a lot of changes in the world, but one thing that did not change is the need for transplants and to increase donor registration.

Thank you very much for believing in my vision and for your continued support. Together we are making a difference, saving lives, and helping families!

Lori Malkin