Joshua Robertson

Joshua Robertson

2013 Rose Parade Float
Floragraph Honoree

Joshua Keith Robertson
JJ’s Legacy is proud to Honor Joshua Keith Robertson
in the 2013 Rose Parade with a Floragraph.

Organ Donor
Age 27 ~ Bakersfield, CA
Donated on 7/26/09
at Mercy Southwest Hospital


Joy from Joshua

Joshua Keith Robertson was a witty and fun-loving 27-year-old. He loved his family, friends, two-year-old daughter and softball. He was full of life, gave plenty of hugs and was often referred to as “big brother.” On the evening of July 17, 2009, he tried standing up for a female fast food restaurant worker who was being treated rudely by some young men. They beat Josh, leaving him on life support until his family realized there was no hope for recovery. His parents, brother and sister chose organ donation so that through this tragic loss, someone else could live.

Joshua Keith Robertson was a witty and fun-loving 27-year-old. He loved his family and friends and enjoyed laughing. The first love of his life was his two-year-old daughter; she could bring her 6-foot-6 daddy to his knees. The second love of his life was softball, and he could usually be found at a softball field if he was not with his daughter.

Full of life, Josh had a smile and laugh that were contagious. His presence was always known by his boisterous voice. He was usually referred to as “big brother” and made most people feel like he was their best friend. According to his family, his hugs were the best, and he had such a giving spirit that once complimented on a shirt he was wearing, he took it right off his back and give it away.

On the evening of July 17, 2009, Josh was at a celebration with his friends and brother, giving hugs and telling everyone how much they meant to him. Afterwards, while driving home Josh stopped for food. While waiting in the fast food drive thru, the young men in the car behind him were being rude to the female worker. Josh approached them and told them to stop. They got out of their car and beat him until he was fighting for his life.

Josh was rushed to the hospital where he was kept on life support for a few days. His family soon realized this was no way to remember their son and brother. Josh’s parents, brother and sister decided that Josh would not want his death to be insignificant. Donating his organs would become the best gift he could leave behind.

Josh’s family and friends felt a huge sense of fulfillment knowing that through this very tragic loss someone else could live. That is the biggest hug he could ever give.