Katie Lynn Tonks

Katie Lynn Tonks

2017 Rose Parade Float
Floragraph Honoree

Katie Lynn Tonks
JJ’s Legacy is proud to Honor Katie Lynn Tonks
in the 2017 Rose Parade with a Floragraph.

Organ Donor
Age 24 years old ~ Pocatello, Idaho 
Donated on 8/3/2013
at Portneuf Medical Center


Joy from Katie

The 2017 Honoree, Katie Lynn Tonks of Pocatello, Idaho tragically passed away on August 30, 2013 at the age of 24. Katie, a registered donor was able to donate her heart, lung, kidneys, liver and pancreas giving the gift of life. While the Tonks struggled to come to terms with the loss of their daughter, Ken Small of Bakersfield was at Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles battling heart disease for over 30 years and was awaiting a transplant. He was a perfect match with Katie’s heart. The transplant was a success and today, Ken is leading a healthy and active life.

This year’s entry, Teammates in Life, reflects the parade’s theme “Echoes of Success” by reminding us that no one succeeds alone. We all thrive by working together and pulling in the same direction. Donors save the lives of grateful recipients and help families heal, and it is the large community of registered donors that makes it possible to save thousands of lives across the country each year.