Lyndsey Nelson

Lyndsey Nelson

2016 Rose Parade Float
Floragraph Honoree

Lyndsey Nelson
JJ’s Legacy is proud to Honor Lyndsey Nelson
in the 2016 Rose Parade with a Floragraph.

Organ Donor
Age 15 months ~ Elgin, SC
Donated on 5/8/2007
at Palmetto Health Richland Hospital


Joy from Lyndsey

Lyndsey was the youngest of three girls, born January 20, 2006. She was a vibrant and loving baby girl. She was always smiling and everyone fell in love with her.

On May 7, 2007, our family was changed forever. Lyndsey was found unresponsive in a pond on our family’s property. On May 8, after hours of testing, many prayers, thousands of tears and finally a scan to check for any blood flow and brain activity, it was official. She had no blood flow to her brain; Lyndsey had suffered brain death. Our baby girl would not wake up. She would not go home with us ever again.

Dozens of family members and friends came into her PICU room to say their goodbyes. At some point after that I was approached by a representative of LifePoint. He was there to discuss the possibility of Lyndsey becoming an organ donor. He explained the entire process of organ donation.  I have to admit my initial reaction was “Are you kidding? She’s been through too much already.”

After listening to all the information, feeling very overwhelmed, I went back to Lyndsey. Her nurses came in, asked if I would like to hold her; I definitely wanted to hold her. Sitting in a hospital rocking chair holding our beautiful, sweet baby girl, I knew she was gone. Just as clearly as I knew she was gone, I also knew “What if she was sick in need of a transplant?” All those same loved ones and friends that were there saying goodbye would have been there to pray for a different life saving miracle. WE would all be praying for an organ donor.

Lyndsey was able to donate her liver, her kidneys, and two heart valves.  A 36yr old NC woman received both of her kidneys; a 3yr old Chicago boy received her liver and two baby girls from SC received her heart valves. I have been fortunate enough to correspond with two of her recipients.  Lyndsey saved 4 people’s lives. Her life was short, but her contributions were great. She is forever in our hearts.