JJ’s Legacy…..Do you have a pink dot on your Driver’s License or I.D?

Your decision to say YES helps provide thousands of waiting transplant patients and their families a new chance at healthy, productive and normal lives.

  • Over 120,000 people are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant
  • Of those now waiting, one out of three will die due to a critical lack of life-saving organs
  • Organs and tissues are distributed fairly and equitably based on medical criteria only
  • Your medical care and / or funeral arrangements will not be affected by your decision to donate
  • Less than 1% of people die under circumstances that allow for donation to occur
  • People of all ages and medical histories can be potential donors. Don’t rule yourself out!
  • All major religions support or permit donation

Thousands are waiting for a second chance to live.
You can give them that chance today.

Click here to become a donor today!

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