Got the Dot Club

Got the Dot Club

When first time drivers go to the DMV to apply for their driver's license, it is mandatory to complete  and answer the Question on the form which asks  if they would like to be an organ, eye and tissue donor. They have the choice of marking "YES" to be a donor or, "NO", not at this time. Either way, because it is a required field on the DMV driver's license application form, each student needs to be
properly educated.

In 2016, the JJ's Legacy team developed the “Got the Dot" High School Leadership Program in response to this need. This year, 2021 has a new look with distance learning and Zoom classrooms as we navigate to this new learning platform we will continue to educate the students about the need and importance of becoming an organ, eye, and tissue registered donor. With the goals of investing in our community and
nurturing the next generation of educated and inspired students, this project is the perfect way to bring our community together and create positive lasting change!

The virtual Got the Dot Club will meet in Zoom classrooms and provide education and leadership skills and the students will become educators on organ, eye, and tissue donations for their friends and families. This academic year long, virtual club will educate students on the facts regarding organ, eye and tissue donation, provide several independent projects to expand on their training and give opportunities to hear from guest speakers who have had a life saving transplant. The culminating project will be a research presentation on a campaign educating Kern County residents on organ, eye and tissue donation. Students will receive the criteria on the context for their research
presentation and work in teams. Their final campaigns will be used to educate our community on the value of organ, eye, and tissue.

Sharing their newly gained knowledge about organ, eye and tissue donation is vital for the completion of the program. A presentation will take place at the end of the year with the student teams presenting their research projects to a local panel of judges. Students are encouraged to invite their family and friends to this event. All the students who participate in the Got the Dot Club will receive participation certificates. JJ's Legacy will award scholarships to first and second place winning teams. The goal of The GTD Club is to increase donor registration in Kern County.