Legacy of Humankindness

Legacy of Humankindness

Through the Legacy of Humankindness grant, JJ’s Legacy and Dignity Health together they have the opportunity to honor a deceased donor from our community who has given the gift of life.

Dignity Health

Each year, the sponsored donor is represented on the annual Donate Life Rose Parade Float with a floragraph that the donor’s family is invited to participate in creating. It is a great honor to be a part of this annual display that reminds us of the great gifts that have been given out of tragedy and raises awareness of the importance of registering to become an organ, eye and tissue donor.

2021 Honoree
Chantal Yvette Martinez-Murray

Chantal Yvette Martinez-Murray

Chantal was born on January 3, 1978 and tragically passed away on January 23, 2017. During her 39 years, she lived every day to the fullest. Always confident and outgoing, she connected with anyone and everyone. Her love for life, food, friends, traveling, entertaining and family was infectious. Her unique laugh, ability to talk straight, and endless dance parties leave too many memories to share here but will live on forever in our hearts. The birth of her daughter Hanah was the proudest moment of her life. She was a devoted and loving mother. As Hanah has blossomed into a young woman, Chantal’s constant guidance has turned Hanah into the strong, brave daughter she is today.

The day Chantal passed away we found out she was an organ donor. Finding this out brought a ray of light to a very dark time in our lives. Chantal was able to donate both of her kidneys, tissues, liver, lungs and heart. The gift of life Chantal was able to give to these individuals is something that brings so much peace to our family.

As with life, everything comes full circle. Chantal loved the Rose Parade and had one of the most memorable trips of her life in the 7th grade when she was able to head in an RV to Pasadena and experience New Years Day with the floats. To have her be an honoree for JJ’s Legacy’s “Legacy of Humankindness” is truly a blessing and a testament to the way Chantal lived her life.

Throughout human history and across many cultures, honeybees sustain life and symbolize community. They provide honey and wax, and are essential for the pollination of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. The 2021 Donate Life Rose Parade® floral sculpture, Community of Life, features a vibrant floral honeycomb built by bees, sharing the important message that we are stronger when we work together as a community. 21 hexagonal memorial portraits of donors are interwoven within the honeycomb, symbolizing the life donors give through organ, eye, and tissue donation. Much like the families and donors who have given the gift of life, bees epitomize a harmonious community that helps and benefits others. Just like busy bees, donation healthcare professionals devote every single day to make donation and transplantation possible, and their names will be featured within the floral sculpture.

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